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January 04, 2022

There are very few things more frustrating than precious things stolen. Unfortunately, this happens to cyclists on a fairly regular basis. Even if you don’t own a super expensive bike, the sheer inconvenience is enough to ruin your day. Locks and chains are often ineffective. An ordinary lock can be quietly pinched off by a thief with pliers. No one noticed that he was committing a crime. The police don’t actually see a stolen bike as a priority either they don't know how much you paid for this bike, then even don't know this field, For the things that I cherish the most, I only care about the things that I cherish the most.

Luckily, though, some people have thought of technological solutions-WSDCAM BIKE ALARM, of which this gadget is one of our favorites. Gentle but Unforgiving Bike Alarm Instead of trying to physically prevent someone from making off with your wheels, this device acts as a deterrent. To use it, you’ll first charge it using a USB cable, which should provide you with 40 hours of use. But don't worry, it can fully charged within 3 hours. The alarm unit is then installed under the saddle, where it doubles as a high-visibility taillight. Considering how some motorists drive, this is a good thing by itself, but its real purpose relies on a motion sensor.

If somebody fiddles with your unattended bike, it firsts emits a series of chirps to warn off potential thieves. In the alarm mode, any touch, beat or vibration, the taillights will detect and immediately alarm for 2 times, and it would be continuously alarming for 30 seconds it it detects further touch, beat or vibration.In such a noisy warning whistle, no one should not be able to hear it, right? In this way, you have succeeded at least halfway, and it is impossible for the thief to continue committing the crime at great risk. This is obviously self-surrendering. Your bike now is on security!

The whole system is controlled using a pocket-sized remote, pretty much identical to a car clicker. Simply press a button to activate the alarm, another to unlock it, and a third to sound a bell to get the attention of pedestrians. To make using this horn and controlling the tail light easier, the remote can clip onto your handlebars.It is precisely because it has the same whistle system as a car, so no matter where your bicycle is placed, there is a very safe guarantee. No one would flee across the street carrying a bicycle that was beeping. Now, your bike is on security!

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