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January 11, 2022

We all know, when we buy a brand new bike, we will teat it as a super precious at the fist couple weeks. We ride it carefully, we even don’t want to get any scratch. After you finished the payment, your mind already tell you you need to take good care of it. We often think our new bike is too new which make it so bright among the bikes in the street. So we will thinks about how to make it safe, how to make our bike won’t get stolen.


Here is some tips for you who owns your first new bike. 

1. Buy a bike alarm or bike lock for your bike. It can be mechanical lock or a smart lock which can connect your phone. But should be as though as possible, or the theft can cut it easily using pliers.

    2. Get a bike alarm, it can prevent the thief who wants to stole you bike. Most of bike alarm has the remote control function, you can open the security mode use your remote. It’s easy to use and with the super loud beep noise, mostly can frighten the theft.

    3. Don’t park your bike at the same place everyday. Your bike is new, theft will be watching you and your bike. Don’t let them remember your parking place. Randomly park your bike is a good idea.
    4. Take into your house if it is possible. If you house is big  enough and you are not live in the high building, you can totally take you bike into your house, the night is not safe for your own property.
    5. Use some cover for your bike when parking. It can cover your super new bike face, and prevent from the theft eyes.
    6. Lock them with the big railing, they wont cut the railing cause this is a kind of hard to cut it than your lock.(but your lock also should be as thick as possible or bike a super good quantity bike lock.)
    7. Do not lock the top tube of your bike with a U-lock. Because thieves usually use the frame as a lever and open the lock. U-locks are best locked between the wheel and the down-tube.
    8. Parking your bike in a place which has a keeper or administrator, they can help you keep an eye on your bike. 

    These small tips may help you.

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